Public Works Department

Portage Borough provides services to the community and its residents through taxpayers dollars. Several programs are available throughout the year.

The Street Sweeping Program is a joint effort between Portage Borough and Portage Township. In 2001, Portage Borough and Portage Township jointly purchased an Elgin Whirlwind Sweeper/Vacuum through a Shared Municipal grant. The Public Works Department announces the street sweeping schedule each year and is published in the Dispatch.

The Pride In Portage (PIP) program was first introduced by the Portage Area Business Association in 1989. The program is designed to improve the appearance of all of Portage and particularly the Main Street area where first and lasting impressions are made. PIP includes all yard waste including grass clippings, leaves, and garden waste. NO HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE IS PERMITTED. The Public Works Department announces a PIP schedule each year and is published in the Dispatch. Portage Borough requests that all residents place their PIP in “paper bags” which can be purchased at Stagers Store, and Lowe’s. Area residents and businesses are encouraged to participate in the program to improve the Portage area and community pride.

The Fall Leaf Collection Program is announced and published each year by the Public Works Director. The program generally begins in late October and runs through late November. The schedule is advertised in the Dispatch.

The Chipping Program: Branches only, no hedges or shrubs will be accepted. Branches must be laid with the cut ends facing the same direction, no tangled messes will be accepted. Alley pickup must be called in to the Borough Secretary at 736-4330 prior to date of pickup. Any pile taking longer than 35 minutes will be billed at the rate of $35.00 per hour any part their of. The Public Works Director announces the schedule and is advertised in the Dispatch. The chipping program begins in May and ends in late November.

The Christmas Tree Collection Program; Christmas Tree pickup is also announced by the Public Works Director and published in the Dispatch.

  • Public Works Director
    Francis Stebergerancis
    609 Makin Street
  • Mechanic
    Jamie Cadwallader
    609 Makin Street
  • Operator/Laborer
    Logan Cadwallader
    609 Makin Street


    Barry Layo