Earned Income & LST Tax Collection

Earned Income Tax Information

Portage Borough Council enacted Ordinance 5-2011 to increase the Earned Income tax to one percent (1%) effective on January 1, 2012 for all borough residents. The following links are the ordinance and resolutions pertaining to the earned income tax and Berkheimer Tax Administrator.

  • Ordinance 5-2011
  • Resolution 7-2011
  • PA Act 32

Local Service Tax Information

Portage Borough Council adopted Ordinance 10-2007 known as the “Local Service Tax” effective on January 1, 2008 to fifty-two ($52.00)dollars per each calendar year. Any person whose total earned income tax and/or net profits is less than $12,000.00 per year is exempt from the payment of tax for that calendar year. Each employee must submit an exemption certificate to their employer.

  • Ordinance 10-2007
  • Resolution 14-2007