Portage Public Library

The Portage Public Library has been available for the use of the community for over 80 years. We provide a variety of resources and services such as internet access, children’s story time, research materials, interlibrary borrowing, copying/printing/faxing, book discussion groups, meeting rooms, audio books, wi-fi, as well as books of every shape, size, and topic. The Library is quick to provide the newest technology such as selections for e-readers. We promote opportunities for learning, self improvement, and self expression.

Funding for the Library comes from state funding, county funding share, local government donations, and from the generous donations of our communities’ citizens.

The mission of the Portage Public Library is to provide an environment where lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self expression are encouraged and where patrons can meet their educational, informational, and recreational needs. The Library provides equal opportunity access to information, high quality book and multimedia materials, programs, exhibits, and online resources to meet the needs of our diverse community and to improve the quality of life. The Library responds to the needs of users by providing an inviting building, well organized and up-to-date collections, friendly professional service, well trained staff, and free or low cost services to all citizens.

Portage Public Library
704 Main Street
Portage, PA 15946
(814)736-4340, Fax 736-4413
E-mail: portage@cclsys.org


  • Our hours are: 

    Mondays: 11am-7pm

    Tuesday: 11am-7pm

    Wednesday: 10am-5pm

    Thursday: 11am-7pm

    Friday: 10am-5pm

    Saturday: 10am-5pm

    Sunday: Closed

Additional Resources

For additional Library information including:

  1. how to get to the Library,
  2. the Library catalog,
  3. Pennsylvania online world of electronic resources,
  4. downloading of audio books and e-books,
  5. member access,
  6. Mango language,
  7. live answers to your questions, and
  8. price it antiques and collectables;

visit the Library’s website at CLSYS.org/Portage